5 Essential Oils To Use In Times Of Turmoil

For the past little while we all have been living in a state of unease. The day to day unknown that we have been experiencing can cause anxiety and depression. As we start to get over the initial shock and begin to find our path in this new way of life, some of us are still looking for ways to get through the day. One of the things that has helped me are my essential oils, and I wanted to give you a few ideas of what you can do at home to assist if you are feeling a little low or anxious. Essential oils are quite powerful on their own, but when blended they can create a whole new way of experiencing them. Alone or together, they have the ability to shift the way we are feeling. Here are some of my favorite oils:

Lavender: This is the most popular oil that is used in times of anxiety and stress. It encourages compassion and gentleness for yourself and others.

Sweet Orange: Because if its light, sweet scent, this oil has the ability to ease depression and instil optimism. It can also help to decrease anxiety and soothe sadness in those that use it.

Bergamot: The scent of this oil closely resembles lemon but not as strong, and some varieties may also have a slight minty smell to them. Bergamot assists in letting go, and brings us back to our heart space. It also helps to relieve listlessness.

Cedarwood: Sometimes when we are stressed we may find it hard to breathe, like there is a weight on your chest. Cedarwood helps with lung expansion and provides the space to take a deep breath.

Frankincense: This oils has the ability to decrease anxiety and bring peace to those that use it. It can also be used during meditation because it inspires calm and helps to heal the body, mind and spirit.

There are several different ways to use essential here are three that I use at home:

Bath: All 5 of these oils are safe to use in the bath and will absorb through the skin as you soak. Make sure you mix them with a carrier oil first (grape seed oil, olive oil, almond oil) before putting them in the tub. The essential oils, if not diluted can stick to the skin and cause irritation.
Diffuser: Choose 2-3 of your favorite essential oils based on your mood and add them to your diffuser. Inhalation of essential oils is a great way of lifting your mood and making your house smell wonderful.
Directly to the skin: If you are not a bath person, essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. Make sure that you use a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation. The most common places are the neck, chest and bottoms of the feet.

Safety First
Please note that when you are applying essential oils to children, using fewer drops is recommended. Their little bodies are not able to process and breakdown the oils the same as a fully grown adult.
For an adult, when using 15ml of carrier oil, 6 drops of essential oil is enough, and 3 drops for children under 12 is plenty.