Breaking The Cycle

Sometimes we are not aware of the impact our actions have on our children, we fool ourselves into thinking that they are too young to understand. Children pick up on energy a lot easier than some adults do. They know when you are stressed, angry, sad, they know there is conflict even if it isn’t right in front of them. They unfortunately start to believe that it is because of them, and this is where a lot of core beliefs start to manifest.

Some of us saw our parents struggling financially, witnessing the stress of paying bills and putting food on the table. ‘There is never enough.’ we think, ‘life will always be a struggle’. Growing up to believe the exact story our parents did, we become adults that work just to survive without being able to enjoy time with our families and even less time for ourselves.

There are those that went without affection at a very young age and started to believe that they were unloveable. In their teen years and adult life searching for love outside of themselves. Showing up within relationships, as co-dependancy and neediness, and possible addictions just to fill that hole within themselves.

Growing up in an economy where both parents had to work to pay the bills, some kids are left to take care of themselves. Seeking attention when mom and dad came home just to hear the words ‘Not now, leave me alone’ or ‘be quiet’ too tired to spend time with them after a long day at work. Some children became introverted, trying to stay out of the way, becoming people pleasers and looking for attention and validation. Some started to act out to get what they needed.

It seems that we are all products of our environment but as adult we have a choice. Do we continue to believe what we were taught as children or do we start to make a conscious effort to change? When we make the decision to heal, it not only affects us on a personal level but also how we interact with others, how we raise our children, and it strengthens how we view ourselves. When we heal, we become less triggered and judgemental, becoming more compassionate and supportive of ourselves and the ones we love.

You have what it takes to break this cycle, to become aware of what is holding you back. You have what it takes to change your story.