Sharing The Love

Melissa’s energy healing has helped me through many a trying times in the last 20 years. Her energy healing has helped me through pregnancies, (including morning sickness), persistent injuries and physical pain, insomnia, headaches and migraines, joint pain, depression and grief as well as those “I just don’t feel good” times. I cannot recommend her enough. If you or your kids are having trouble adjusting during this difficult Covid-19 time, she is worth the time to try something different that you would not normally do or think of.
J.V – Markham ON

It’s impossible to meet with Melissa and not be drawn to her warm, friendly demeanour. I have been a client for over 10 years and am impressed by her ability to put me at ease and allow me to learn more about myself in a safe and nurturing environment. Through our sessions, I have become more cognizant of the importance of focusing on a positive mindset and releasing negative energy. It has had a profound impact on my relationships with others and my reactions to what is going on in the world. Melissa has a passion for learning and brings a breadth of knowledge to our interactions. She is informative, and I always leave our sessions with a sense of clarity and the feeling that a weight has been lifted. Compassionate, generous and giving; Melissa is a pleasure to work with and has helped me make significant changes in my life. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.
K.P – Brampton ON

Thank you Melissa for always helping me understand the deeper meaning behind the physical pain I might be feeling. You energy work combined with empathic listening is second to none. Finding the root cause of physical blocks in my body, understanding and letting go of them are integral to my personal growth and ability to raise my energetic vibration. You rock!
S.H – Markham ON

I have read self-help books. I have seen psychiatrists and psychologists. A friend recommended soul/chakra sessions. I went from feeling hopeless and helpless to shifting to feeling alive and well and excited about life. I went from darkness to light. I was able to let go of what was not serving me well once light was shone on the sticking places within me that closed me up and kept me stuck. Awareness happened and release came. Oh happy day!
K.U – Markham ON