If you are just beginning your healing journey, or if you are a seasoned traveller, we are all in need of assistance from time to time in releasing what no longer serves us. By letting go of old patterns, coping mechanisms, traumas and emotions creates the space to discover a greater potential, bringing us closer to our authentic selves.

Melissa uses quantum healing techniques which allow her to facilitate shifts on a cellular and DNA level, allowing a deep healing to occur. Each session is unique depending on what the soul needs to release at that time.


Melissa has been immersing herself in healthcare and energy medicine modalities for 16 years, starting her journey as an RMT and level 1 Reiki practitioner. Her thirst for knowledge led her to taking classes in past life energies, family dynamics, chakra and meridian balancing, energetic cord cutting and much more. From her past experiences, knowledge and intuition she created Synergy Massage, a combination of massage therapy, aromatherapy, quantum healing, chakra balancing and guided meditation.
She also provides her clients the opportunity for distance sessions as well.

Melissa works on a cellular and DNA level facilitating shifts at their core. She assists her clients in shifting old emotions, patterning, and beliefs that no longer serve, allowing them to create the space for greater potential. She believes that by creating change within ourselves we have the ability to create change within our families, communities and our world.