Energy Clearing/Chakra Balancing

Chakra imbalances are one of the largest causes of health issues; the connections to our emotions, belief systems, our mental health and our physical body play a big part in our everyday lives. When balancing these energy centres, we are addressing the body as a whole. There are 7 chakras and each has a story to tell about the clients overall health and wellbeing. Coming in for a session allows the receiver to address not only the physical discomfort they may be experiencing but the the emotional, mental and spiritual as well.

When a person starts to experience discomfort, it is (Gods) or the universes last ditch effort to get us to pay attention to whats going on in our lives; our negative beliefs, our conditioning as children, or our unresolved trauma. By using chakra balancing as a tool we re able to unearth the root cause of the physical pain the client may be experiencing at that present time.

Clearing our energy field is just as important, it helps us let go of anything that is not ours to carry. When performing a chakra balancing, we release our own negativity and with energy clearing we are releasing the energy of others. This could mean the energy of a toxic work space, an interaction with a partner or friend, or even the collective energy of the day. These energies, if carried for a lengthy period of time can eventually cause body discomfort, emotional distress as well as well as spiritual blockages.

Using techniques such as reiki, quantum healing, cord cutting and others allows for the release of this negative energy and facilitates a shift at a cellular and DNA level. When we release what no longer serves us, it creates the space for healthier beliefs and ways of being.