Registered Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapy can be beneficial for many different conditions, from tight muscles that can lead to headaches to tendonitis and chronic pain. Applying Swedish massage techniques can help increase circulation and bring blood to injured areas to help them heal faster. The pressure used is completely up to the clients discretion and comfort level and a good massage therapist will know to check in on a regular basis.

There are different modalities that can be used within a treatment and have the ability to increase the effects of the massage. Aromatherapy is a good example, where the essential oils used can calm the nervous system, elevate the mood and promote relaxation. Reiki is another popular modality that is often used and compliments the massage on an energetic level.

Regular massage can help to prevent injury and assist the body in healing at a much faster rate. This is due to the increase of circulation that registered massage therapy can provide. Most people come in for a treatment once every four weeks for maintenance. But this can vary from person to person.