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About Chakra Balancing/Energy Clearing

“I have been receiving Energy Clearing and Chakra Balancing treatments from Melissa at Soul Journey Reconnection for years, and I can genuinely say that these sessions have profoundly transformed my life. Melissa’s treatments have not only brought significant physical relief but have also had a remarkable impact on my mental health. Addressing my Chakra imbalances has boosted my self-esteem and confidence, making me feel more centered and empowered in my daily life. Beyond the sessions themselves, Melissa’s deep knowledge and compassionate approach to spirituality have been enlightening. Her intuitive skills and gentle guidance have provided me with invaluable insights into the spiritual aspects of my journey, enriching my understanding and personal growth. Melissa’s services are healing, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in search of a knowledgeable and compassionate mentor. I can’t wait for my next Energy Clearing and Chakra Balancing treatment!”

V.T – Stouffville, ON


I have been going to Melissa for energy healing for more than 15 years. Over these years, Melissa has done remarkable things to pick up where western medicine ends. For all the times I have stood in front of my doctor only to hear, “that is just how it is”, Melissa fixed it.

Fertility – I had been trying to have a baby for a year and a half, one energy treatment from Melissa and I was pregnant the month following.

Pregnancy – From food aversions, low energy, to low blood pressure… Melissa fixed it. 

Winter Blues – Melissa fixed it.

Anxiety or Stress symptoms… Melissa fixed it.

Most recently, I had suffered through 7 weeks of terrible vertigo. It started with incredible dizziness and moved into an inability to keep my balance. While my doctor, my acupuncturist could help get me temporary symptom relief for a couple of hours or a day. My physiotherapist made it worse. Melissa got me wobble free for days and fixed it completely in 3 sessions. 

You don’t have to understand it or believe in it for energy healing to work.

Julie van Kessel, CPA
Markham Resident


It’s impossible to meet with Melissa and not be drawn to her warm, friendly demeanour. I have been a client for over 10 years and am impressed by her ability to put me at ease and allow me to learn more about myself in a safe and nurturing environment. Through our sessions, I have become more cognizant of the importance of focusing on a positive mindset and releasing negative energy. It has had a profound impact on my relationships with others and my reactions to what is going on in the world. Melissa has a passion for learning and brings a breadth of knowledge to our interactions. She is informative, and I always leave our sessions with a sense of clarity and the feeling that a weight has been lifted. Compassionate, generous and giving; Melissa is a pleasure to work with and has helped me make significant changes in my life. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.
K.P – Brampton ON


Thank you Melissa for always helping me understand the deeper meaning behind the physical pain I might be feeling. You energy work combined with empathic listening is second to none. Finding the root cause of physical blocks in my body, understanding and letting go of them are integral to my personal growth and ability to raise my energetic vibration. You rock!
S.H – Markham ON


I just wanted to thank you for working with me. The different sessions I have had has helped me to gain my confidence back. Not only that, but I am utterly astounded at the physical strength I have back, after an accident and major surgery left me with high levels of pain and unable to move well for many years. And I had always been an active person in the past. After the chakra balancing, I noticed a difference that same day, in my clarity and in my physical strength and stamina. It’s like night and day. I feel like the old me is back. Usually, I would not be able to even lift ten pounds and moving a chair was painful. It has been several weeks since the session and I have been able to move and lift many things I should not be able to. Things that would normally leave me in agonizing pain and in bed for days.  I am so thrilled because I was concerned where my health was taking me. But it seems we can heal our bodies with a little help. WOW!

About Meeting Your Spirit Guides

The ‘Connecting To Your Spirit Guides’ meditation session was beyond my expectations. I am in complete gratitude for Melissa. It was the best way I practiced self love as I have been given a reminder that I am never alone and am always protected. Melissa is caring and attentive and creates a comfortable atmosphere for her clients. During her guided meditation she led me to a state of stillness and reminded me of my inner knowing. As I immersed myself into to deep meditation facilitated by Melissa I experienced a powerful journey by going within.

I recommend it to all people who want to discover one’s true self and connect with your guides. Being in the presence of a wonderful, warm healer is a gift to oneself.

V.T – Stouffville, ON

About Akashic Records Readings

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an Akashic Records reading with Melissa. The entire experience strengthened my relationship with my spirit guides. Not only did I receive the guidance I needed, but Melissa helped facilitate and bring forth knowledge that I needed to hear. There were extreme moments of vulnerability that helped cement my deep connection to my intuition and Melissa’s ability to hold space and reassure me in the reading was phenomenal. I would highly recommend purchasing an Akashic Records reading from Melissa so you can bring a heightened awareness to your aligned path on this earth.

Tiffini Jacobs
Reiki Master Teacher and Human Design Expert