Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Have you ever wondered who or what you were in a past life? Or even how your past lives could have an impact on you today? It is thought that when we’ve experienced something in a past life that wasn’t fully resolved, we bring it with us into this life to complete the lessons. This can include conflict with friends and family, body pain or discomfort, or emotional and mental stressors. Having a past life session can help you find where these problems originally came from, so that you can begin to resolve the issues in this current life. These sessions have been known to help resolve difficult family dynamics, decrease physical pain and discomfort, assist you in following your highest potential, and letting go of old beliefs and conditioning.

What to expect from Past Life Regression session

Each session is approximately 4 hours long where we start by talking about why you are seeking a session, your challenges, health concerns and your experiences up to this point. We then move into the past life regression where you will be comfortably lying down as I gently guide you into a past life. The second half of your session, we have a conversation with your higher self. This is where your questions are answered and the healing takes place. You may not remember everything that comes up, so each session is recorded so that you can listen to it at a later date. Remember, the more you listen to it the more healing takes place. Lastly, after the session, we have a short discussion about what came up and how you can use this to create the life you want for yourself.

How to prepare for your Past Life Regression Session

Make sure you dress comfortably and try and limit the amount of water you drink the morning of. Come prepared with the questions you would like to ask your higher self. I do make notes as the session progresses, so having them written down is preferred.